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Why Us?

 TTS possess both the knowledge and ability in assisting timeshare owners to make a FULL termination, and unlike most companies:

  • Provide you with an expected completion date
  • Completed by our third party legal partner – JLCA Lawyers
  • Exclusive triple indemnity guarantee
  • Fair pricing
  • Finance for termination available 

We are able to complete these terminations in a number of ways dependant on what or where you own but the end result is the same. No more timeshare and no more liabilities for that timeshare. Our legal partners, JLCA Lawyers, will liaise with you directly in order to promote a smooth and effective termination in full.

TTS & Partners

Timeshare Claims & Release Expertise You Can Rely On

Tts & partners contacted me about a termination of my timeshare, but all of my faith had gone in these companies that say that they will get you out of your timeshare. I used to get at least one phone call a day from them but as I have been scammed before for several thousand pounds I just didn’t trust any of them. Until I spoke to tts & Partners. They convinced me that they could terminate my contract and they not only terminated my contract but in record time. Eleven weeks to be precise. So if you are like I was and didn’t trust anyone, trust TTS & partners. I wish I had known about them before I got scammed. Yours Mr S Styles, very happy customer thanks


Reports from timeshare owners reveal that many companies offering to terminate timeshare agreements frequently make declarations of a ‘unilateral termination’ when it comes to terminating owners contracts. Unilateral termination is a declaration by the business without full legal principles being applied – and it can lead to serious disputes.

TTS & Partners can assist you to put this right!

Have YOU received no formal confirmation from your resort/provider that you have successfully terminated your membership?  

Are YOU still receiving correspondence requesting maintenance fees?  

Have YOU been asked to forward these to your “termination” company to mask the fact that the Unilateral Termination was rejected?


Expert Assistance in Your Language

We know that taking formal & conclusive action can sometimes be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing you help with your timeshare in a language that you can understand.

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Don’t wait! Contact us for a free phone consultation. Let us take care of the hard work for you. The sooner we have a plan of action for your timeshare claims, the sooner we can rid you of your unwanted burden.

A Focus on Results

The first step in timeshare contract consultation is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. We will craft a path to a successful conclusion and timeshare release.

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Timeshare Maintenance and Perpetuity

What is maintenance and why does it rise so much?

The cost to operate a resort is spread out among all owners at that resort via an annual maintenance fee.  The fee must also build up reserves to pay for non-recurring costs like furniture, landscaping, external upgrades,  appliances etc. that need periodic replacement and other capital costs as normal physical deterioration occurs, just like your own costs of owning your house or car etc.  Maintenance fee’s rise each year by around 10-15% depending on the resort and location, a lot of these rises are unjustified and generally put down to increase in materials and labour.

What is a perpetuity contract?

The literal translation is “for ever” and some Timeshare contracts were sold “in perpetuity” in the days when Timeshare sales groups were pushing the idea that, along the lines of property, Timeshare was a long term “investment”, which should be protected for you and your family so no-one could take it away.  How times have changed!

This means that, if your Timeshare contract was sold “in perpetuity”, the intention is that it would stay in your ownership for the whole of your life, then pass on to your children, then your children’s children and so on.

It is likely that this was put forward as a benefit when the salesman was presenting the timeshare opportunity to you – but you will no doubt be fully aware of the downside now that you and your family face the prospect of relentlessly escalating maintenance fee’s.

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If you are confused by your timeshare contract, please reach out and contact us. our services are provided with no obligation to proceed. Email or call us today.