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TTS possess the knowledge and ability via our trusted legal partners JLCA Lawyers who are based in both London and Spain in order to complete valid Spanish court claims against your timeshare developer.
In order to lodge your case in the Spanish courts, there is an administration fee.
This charge is returned to you upon successfully being awarded your monies prior to any of the remaining monies being distributed on a 70% – 30% split in your favour.
All timeshare claims are processed through our trusted partners who are regulated by either the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

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Reasons To Claim

Contract Terms

Was the information supplied in the contract terms the same as what you were told at point of sale?

No – You may have a case to Claim

Maintenance Fees

Where you told that any increase in Maintenance Fees would be linked to Inflation?

No – You may have a case to Claim

On Average Maintenance fees rise by 10% per year


Was it explained that if you die, the timeshare will be passed on to your children?

No – You may have a case to Claim

It is deemed to be an asset so it is in your estate along with the burden of the timeshare

Lack of Availability

Have you ever tried to book and found there is no availability left?

Yes – You may have a case to claim

You are not alone; this happens to hundreds of people every year

Sold as an Investment

Were you sold this as an investment for the future?

Yes – You may have a case to claim

Most timeshare owners are now aware there is no resale market


Were you told you were buying into a private member’s club, only to find your resort available on holiday search engines?

Yes – You may have a reason to claim

Most timeshare resorts are now available for non-timeshare owners to book via internet booking sites


Were you told your resort or developer would assist you in reselling your ownership, only to find out they offer no such service?

Yes – You may have a reason to claim

Most contracts clearly state that they offer no resale service