Termination Service

We here at TTS & Partners Ltd possess both the knowledge and ability in assisting timeshare owners legally terminate & dispose of their unwanted ownership.

We CAN dissolute contractual rights to a number of holiday ownership products, these can be products that many other companies experience great difficulty with, such as but not limited to; fixed & floating weeks, point schemes, in perpetuity contracts & fractional ownership schemes.

About Us –  We offer a FULL termination/disposal service and unlike most companies we will provide you with an expected completion date.


Can I Terminate My Contract?

Well, as they say “God Loves a Tryer” so why not try, they can only say “NO” and what would you have lost? In our years of experience we wont say that this has not happened, or that it is totally impossible, however it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Should you wish to explore this possibility initially, then we would we would be more than happy assisting you drafting correspondence to send to your resort. 

Are you thinking about trying to hand back or walk away from your holiday product?

Are the exorbitant usage fees & ever increasing maintenance charges getting too much?

Is the fear of a County Court Judgement (CCJ) stopping you from moving forward?

There is every chance that the contract that you entered into with the Resort does not conform to legislation. Across the media, we are witnessing a huge increase in successful cases being ruled upon in favour of the consumer. As these success stories continue rise as does the leniency offered from the resort, the reason for this new found leniency is that many cases are being awarded +costs & +compound interest. We must stress that not  all resorts afford this leniency though, some will allow the client to “hand Back” the ownership but only proceeding a payment sometimes in excess of £15,000, their argument being that the amount requested is in recompense for the lost maintenance charges suffered by the resort.

You CAN TRUST TTS & Partners Ltd. to 100% terminate your ownership contract & obligations using our years of collective experience and our specialist Termination Team. 

What Are My Options?

Hand it back

As aforementioned there are a few nicer/more lenient resorts that will allow consumers to simply hand back their ownership.

Sell it

Unfortunately many users that we have come across have tried this at least once, This usually results in the owner paying a fee in excess of £1000 then normally results in the owner joining another holiday club and subsequently being worse off than when they initially started.

Stop paying management/maintenance fees – Pray for repossession!

We would not recommend this for several reasons, the first being that the resort are well with their right to instruct a debt collection company and they WILL exercise this right. This will in turn  result in additional stress for the owner and an increase in their financial burden.

The second reason, and the resorts know this all too well, a “right to use” holds no value to be repossessed in the way that an actual property such as a house/apartment possesses. 


Now this is where we come in!

We are aware that there are a plether of companies brandishing the websites and media channels offering these services, but again BE CAREFUL! There have been many reports of such companies taking fees for this service only for the owner to then be presented with their annual maintenance invoice at a later date and the disposal company being nowhere to be found.

TTS & Partners Ltd. offer a FULL DISPOSAL/TERMINATION service which results in our Clients receiving exactly what they set out to achieve, A CLEAN BREAK and FINANCIAL FREEDOM in the respect of being rid of their unwanted holiday ownership burden.