The European Union

A European Economic Community was forged into existence by the signing of The Treaty of Rome in 1957. The agreement was ratified and at the time by only 6 countries. Following that treaty, the Treaty of Maastricht was drawn up, ratified and came into force in 1993. This treaty essentially created the European Union (EU) […]

Timeshare Exit – Were you MIS-SOLD Timeshare?

Were you mis-sold timeshare? We can help you find out. Within our arsenal, we boast many years of collective experience dealing with the holiday ownership sector. Over the years our consultants have helped many owners in reducing both theirs and their families ongoing financial liabilities. On countless occasions our experience throughout the sector has proved […]

What is a Timeshare?

What is Timeshare? Timeshare, in many cases, is misunderstood by the general public for a variety of reasons.  However, timeshare is a description of a form of holiday ownership. Once acquired by a consumer, you own a right, (either directly or through a “club”) to use a week(s) (or longer) in an apartment, complex, boat, […]

Timeshares & The Legal Profession 

The Legal Profession If you have acquired a timeshare from a resort, then the chances are that you have come across a timeshare salesman. If now you believe that you were mis-sold your timeshare, or that the timeshare you acquired bears no resemblance to the representation made to you, then of course, you have to […]