TTS and Partners Ltd (TTS) was formed off the back of many years working within the timeshare industry and experience with the good, the bad and the ugly that this industry has to offer.


Following many years of prolific sales amid the heightened birth of timeshare, it has transitioned through a number of phases, all of which designed to cost the owners a substantial amount of money. It now seems to have reached a period whereby, quite rightfully, the owners are now able to do to the resorts, developer and financial institutions what was previously done to them and take money back.


TTS has been established since October 2020, with the intent to assist timeshare owners with the process of completing such claims but also and probably just as, if not, more importantly to terminate the timeshare contracts completely and permanently.

Of course, due to the amount of claims being undertaken against them, certain resorts and developers have developed “exit strategies” to allow you to leave under the proviso that you sign a disclaimer to prevent you from making a claim against them.

TTS always complete our contractual obligations to you using either an SRA Regulated Solicitor or an FCA Regulated Claims Management Company so that you can have total peace of mind and confidence that you will be treated both fairly and correctly throughout the process.