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Mis-sold timeshare? Thousands of UK people have been mis-sold Timeshares. You are not alone and may be entitled to timeshare claims. We can help:

  • Get money back
  • Get compensation and compound interest.

If you are not sure, check your eligibility today. 

TTS & Partners


Can I break my timeshare contract?

The contract you signed with the developer/resort is a legally binding contract and as such you are duty bound to honour that contract and any associated charges, including annual maintenance fees as long as you are the owner and maybe even after when it is passed to your children. However, if your contract is unfair or the seller mis-represented the property we can help.

What claims can I make?

TTS & Partners can assist with timeshare claims under the 1974 credit consumer act. We can assess your contract, how you were sold your timeshare and quickly identify if you are entitled to claim.

How do TTS & Partners start the process?

How it works in 4 simple steps:


1. Contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists.


2. The specialist will explain in simple terms how TTS are able to legally and permanently end your timeshare contract.


3. A TTS & Partners specialist will conduct an in-depth assessment and advise you of your rights to claim. 


4. Once you formally instruct TTS to conclude the termination on your behalf we will start work immediately. All terminations  come with our exclusive triple indemnity guarantee. All claims are No Win No Fee.

Reasons To Claim

Contract Terms

Was the information supplied in the contract terms the same as what you were told at point of sale?

No – You may have a case to Claim

Maintenance Fees

Where you told that any increase in Maintenance Fees would be linked to Inflation?

No – You may have a case to Claim

On Average Maintenance fees rise by 10% per year


Was it explained that if you die, the timeshare will be passed on to your children?

No – You may have a case to Claim

It is deemed to be an asset so it is in your estate along with the burden of the timeshare

Lack of Availability

Have you ever tried to book and found there is no availability left?

Yes – You may have a case to claim

You are not alone; this happens to hundreds of people every year

Sold as an Investment

Were you sold this as an investment for the future?

Yes – You may have a case to claim

Most timeshare owners are now aware there is no resale market


Were you told you were buying into a private member’s club, only to find your resort available on holiday search engines?

Yes – You may have a reason to claim

Most timeshare resorts are now available for non-timeshare owners to book via internet booking sites


Were you told your resort or developer would assist you in reselling your ownership, only to find out they offer no such service?

Yes – You may have a reason to claim

Most contracts clearly state that they offer no resale service


Additional Information

Timeshare Maintenance and Perpetuity

What is maintenance and why does it rise so much?

The cost to operate a resort is spread out among all owners at that resort via an annual maintenance fee.  The fee must also build up reserves to pay for non-recurring costs like furniture, landscaping, external upgrades,  appliances etc. that need periodic replacement and other capital costs as normal physical deterioration occurs, just like your own costs of owning your house or car etc.  Maintenance fee’s rise each year by around 10-15% depending on the resort and location, a lot of these rises are unjustified and generally put down to increase in materials and labour.

What is a perpetuity contract?

The literal translation is “for ever” and some Timeshare contracts were sold “in perpetuity” in the days when Timeshare sales groups were pushing the idea that, along the lines of property, Timeshare was a long term “investment”, which should be protected for you and your family so no-one could take it away.  How times have changed!

This means that, if your Timeshare contract was sold “in perpetuity”, the intention is that it would stay in your ownership for the whole of your life, then pass on to your children, then your children’s children and so on.

It is likely that this was put forward as a benefit when the salesman was presenting the timeshare opportunity to you – but you will no doubt be fully aware of the downside now that you and your family face the prospect of relentlessly escalating maintenance fee’s.

Learn More

If you are confused by your timeshare contract, please reach out and contact us. our services are provided with no obligation to proceed. Email or call us today.


Expert Assistance in Your Language

We know that taking formal & conclusive action can sometimes be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing you help with your timeshare in language that you can understand. If you don’t feel like you understand your timeshare release options, just ask, and we will work to find an explanation that works for you. Our timeshare contract consultation is in plain English.

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Don’t wait! Contact us for a free phone consultation. Let us take care of the hard work for you. The sooner we have a plan of action for your timeshare claims, the sooner we can rid you of your unwanted burden.

A Focus on Results

The first step in timeshare contract consultation is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the relevant legislation’s/directives and your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a path to a successful conclusion and timeshare release.


Getting out of your Holiday Ownership Contract

Many Owners have found themselves in a predicament in regards to the Contract in which they entered into with their Resort/Company. Many contracts were issued & duly signed in perpetuity. If your contract was issued after 1999 then contact us today to assist you. 


Important & Frequently asked Questions

What Guarantees do I have?

•We will only move forward with you as a client if we are 100% certain that we can assist you.

•We guarantee you that the price that we agree on is THE price, there will be NO hidden charges or fees.

•We will always give you the BEST possible price for the actions that we jointly agree on.

•Upon conclusion you WILL receive a FULL written & legal confirmation, leaving no stone un-turned & no question unanswered.

What Companies can you deal with / claim against? 

•Generally every company, BUT as each of us are different, therefore each scenario can be also. In our initial consultation we WILL advise you if we can move further with your individual case.

How Long does This all take?

•Unfortunately, as each case is different, so is each company and the legalities surrounding it. But rest assured in your initial consultation you will be given an estimation of the conclusion by our experts.

How does it work in three simple steps?

1. Contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists.

2. Our specialist will explain in simple terms how TTS are able to legally and permanently end your timeshare contract.

3. Once you formally instruct TTS to conclude the termination on your behalf we will start work immediately and our work comes with our exclusive triple indemnity guarantee.

We are a Company registered in the United Kingdom

We are a fully registered U.K company, therefore conform to all of the regulations set out and governed by U.K & European law/directives


No upfront consultation fees

We will never charge an upfront consultation fee. During our consultation together we will discuss all available avenues concluding in our agreed action plan.

Full & True Support

We will NOT be wasting your time by setting out an action plan that we cannot either engage with or move forward with. The entities whom are employed to undertake our agreed upon action plan are all duly regulated and highly experienced Industry professionals. 

Fair & Upfront Prices

Once our friendly consultation draws to a close, TOGETHER we will have outlined the necessities of your individual situation and action plan WILL be both drawn up agreed upon & put into ACTION. With TTS & Partners, YOU get exactly what YOU pay for!